Analog Feed Forward Neural Networks

Daniel J. B. Clarke
Gilart Hasse School of
Computer Sciences & Engineering
Fairleigh Dickinson University



Neural network applications in Machine Learning

Nueral Networks

A model of the biologic brain

Current Approach


Build an Analog Feed Forward Neural Network

  • Test on AND, OR, XOR
  • Benchmark against software-based implementations

Signal graph


Feed Forward Neural Network



$$\Delta w_i=\underbrace{\alpha}_\text{Learning Rate}\underbrace{(\overbrace{t_i}^\text{Target}-\overbrace{y_i}^\text{Output})}_\text{Error}\times \underbrace{x_i}_\text{Input}$$

Theoretical Simulation

Design & Simulation

$$y_j=\overbrace{\tanh}\left(\sum_i^n{x_{ji}\times w_{ji}}\right)$$

$$\Delta w_i=\overbrace{\alpha}(t\overbrace{-}y_i)\times x_i$$

$$\overbrace{\Delta w_i}=\alpha(t-y_i)\times x_i$$

$$\Delta w_i=\alpha(t-y_i)\overbrace{\times} x_i$$

$$\Delta w_i=\alpha(\overbrace{t}-y_i)\times \overbrace{x_i}$$


Circuit in action


Software Hardware*
Test Time (ms) Learned Epochs Time (ms) Learned
AND 0.51 True 10 0.022 True
OR 0.42 True 12 0.026 True
XOR** 4.62 False - - False


* These results are theoretical based on RC constant. ** This result is expected, a 2-1 FFNN is required for XOR.


  • Realization of Analog Feed Forward Neural Network
    • Hardware accelerated machine learning driven by software
    • Inherent scalability


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